2018 CBME Fair Opening

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On July 25, 2018, the 18th CBME China pregnant and infant children exhibition and children's wear exhibition (2018 CBME China), the world's largest children's pregnancy and baby exhibition, opened in the national convention and exhibition center (Shanghai). The exhibition area of 266548 square meters, the exhibitors reached 3065, including wyeth, Swiss, small leather, bei kiss, philips avent, moony, Britax, MAXI COSI, Joie, Hape, vtech, Micro, the frog prince, beibei kingdom, David Bella, 4332 full category: children's brand, with the latest products and ideas that focus on appearance, promoting industry innovation, meet the demand of family life style new baby.

"The younger generation of parents have a more diverse set of requirements for products and toys for their children and their mothers," said zhong mei, managing director of Kidsland kezhile China. This year, we also introduced a number of new international children's toy

Brands and products to meet the new needs of Chinese baby families.

Nick Paxton, CEO of Silver Cross, said: "we have brought a number of high-end baby strollers designed in the UK to meet the needs of Chinese families for the fashion and design of baby strollers while being lightweight and easy to fold."

Highlight special area, focus on the new needs of the baby family

Driven by the promotion of consumption, the life style of the baby's family has changed. After 85 years, the post-90 generation has become the main generation of new parents, and new consumption demands have been brought by such non-traditional maternal and infant scenes as maternal beauty and physical beauty, baby early education, parent-child outdoor and smart home.

Special zone for non-traditional maternal and child products: for the diversified lifestyle of the baby's family, "le huo mei ma", "natural products -- lively and fresh", "enjoy outdoor fun", "music education experience" and the first "smart home" will bring new growth points to the maternity and child care industry. "Non-traditional maternal and infant products complement and extend traditional maternal and infant products, and we need to meet the new needs of the new generation of parents," said Ms. Gao qin, vice President of aiying island business chain co., LTD.

International exhibition area: from North America, Britain, France, Australia, Spain, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan and other regions and countries.

Stylecool Kids Fashion Shanghai Fashion children's wear show: with 105 Fashion children's wear brands from 17 countries and regions, this event aims to meet the new demand of modern Fashion fathers and moms for children's wear products with a sense of design, Fashion and individuality.

Wonderful industry activities, grasp new trends, and drive new growth

Seminar on the development of China's maternity and infant industry: 27 globally renowned senior executives of maternity and infant enterprises, industry elites in investment, commercial real estate, Internet and market research, sharing industrial trend and key data centering on "grasp the trend and win The Times".

The 2018 CBME AWARDS: AWARDS for enterprises, projects and individuals who have been selected for 13 AWARDS and open up professional audiences to vote.

Shanghai creative design contest 2018: taking the "10 national treasures collection cultural relics" provided by Shanghai museum as the design element, and centering on the design theme of "when the past meets the future", the 42-strong works of children's clothing design and maternity and infant product design are presented at the exhibition. "Through the 'copyright + design' model, the competition will explore the transformation of cultural relics units' collections' and 'exhibits' into' goods' and 'products', and accelerate the promotion and dissemination in the new retail mode," said zu gu, deputy director of the changning district bureau of culture.

Low trade fair: love baby room, treasure hand, rt-mart, dangdang, jingdong from mother to child, gome online, king, leyou, honey bud, auchan, spelling, Su Ninggong children, store a lot, Vipshop, wumart, the amazon global set up shop, sumida river, fields and multi-channel big buyers, face to face with the exhibitors to carry out the "trade fair", meet the demand of whole channel business docking.

The final contest of the 13th "fashion and child-rearing" sales staff skill contest and "shellfish baby health care teacher competition" : the top 21 salesmen who stand out from 28,277 salesmen compete in the final contest to help the industry attract consumers with professionalism and experience.

Gong kangkang, general manager of bowen China (hangzhou), said: "we hope to guide enterprises to understand, meet and explore new demands of pregnant women, infants and children through our platform. CBME will continue to focus on the present and lead the future, and work with authorities to protect intellectual property rights and promote industrial upgrading."

2018 authorized exhibition CBME China held the world grand prix (LEC), the global top 425 IP gathered in international exhibition center hall 2, help open up a new blue ocean authorized China market.

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