China mother&baby E-commerce reached 767 billion

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Recently, the e-commerce research center of a well-known domestic e-commerce think tank released the "2017 annual data monitoring report on China's online retail market". The report shows that China's maternal and infant e-commerce market reached 637.6 billion yuan in 2017, up 27.3% year on year. The e-commerce market is expected to reach 767 billion yuan in 2018. Expert analysis, such a rapid growth, is not only the result of the mobile Internet rapid development in China, more thanks to open two-child policy in our country, with strong purchasing power of the 80, 90 people into consumption.

It is understood that the China's online retail market in 2017 data monitoring report report following the comprehensive electrical business, cross-border electricity, and electricity, such as hot industry segment, and focus on monitoring the beauty store mom bud, red child, honey, honey, hot mom help, baby tree grid, such as maternal and child said mother-to-child electric business platform.

At present, the post-80s and post-90s generation in China are the main consumers of maternal and infant products. With the improvement of living standards, this generation pays more attention to the safety and quality of maternal and infant consumption. In addition, with the development of mobile Internet, mobile platform with its flexibility, convenience, by the be fond of of young parents under high rhythm of life, to maximize meet their fragmentation under time shopping needs.

The mother and baby users are the offline population naturally, so e-commerce especially speeds up its entry into the third-tier and fourth-tier cities. There is a strong demand for children's offline consumption upgrading. The main consumer groups in third-tier and fourth-tier cities have more and more similar cognition and demand for children's entertainment and early education. In 2018, all maternal and infant businesses are actively distributing offline, which is the future development trend of the maternal and infant industry. In the past two years, the young mother-and-baby e-commerce industry, like other hot industries, has embarked on a pattern of chaotic warfare. The future of maternal and infant e-commerce is not "a bright", and it will be "a melee" in the short term. The number of users in the mother-to-child mobile app industry will continue to grow steadily, and it remains to be seen whether they can become unicorns.

In view of the future development of maternal and infant e-commerce, we see some trends.

Trend 1: the Internet is upgrading to the mobile Internet. With the rise of more purchasing power in third-tier and fourth-tier cities, China's third-tier and lower-tier cities are crossing the stage of PC popularization network and entering the era of mobile Internet consumption directly.

Trend 2: offline mainly, online as a supplement to online and offline promotion. Consumers, increasingly dependent on online shopping, are changing their habits. Compared with the past, they pay more attention to experiential consumption, and the original channel model has become more and more difficult to satisfy consumers. In order to meet the market demand, maternal and child retailers are gradually expanding out of the model, and the original channel layout boundary is gradually blurred.

Potential 3: downstream value development during pregnancy. Pregnancy market users are often non - periodic new users, few old users. As a result, businesses can be based on the existing users, targeted with pregnancy period of downstream products and services, local life service to try how to like month sister-in-law, second-hand toys trading: period of service, gradually extended to a broader domestic, electricity business services market, from a single mother-to-child vertical class community to localize mother life information transformation.

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