2017 CKE Fair Opening

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The 2017 China kids exhibition, jointly organized by the China toy and baby children's association and the cologne exhibition, opened at the new international expo center in Shanghai on October 18. The 16th China toy expo, China preschool expo and China Licensing expo at the same time, the show area over 180000 square meters, 2023 exhibitors, brand number 3616, covering the baby stroller,child safety seats, the infant child furniture products, children's wear children's shoes, toys, school supplies and amusement equipment 0 to 14 items such as the whole industrial chain.

The infant child in China by overseas brands as the ideal of developing China and Asia market channels, gathered more than 30 countries and regions of the world's brands this year, Germany, South Korea, Chinese Taipei, Hong Kong and other international pavilion with different characteristics of maternal and infant supplies; At the same time, as the construction of industrial clusters and regional economic development important pushing platform, the exhibition attracted in dongguan, chenghai, pinghu, ningbo, shandong tengzhou, hubei hanchuan, hebei pingxiang, guangzong more than 20 production areas, such as the overall appearance. Field at home and abroad exhibits wide variety, quality is better, more technology, design, function, process, material and so on various aspects all innovation breakthrough, IoT, Robots, AR, VR technology, such as fashion elements become more common, especially in condensed wisdom of China smart products more concentrated outbreak, successfully leading the industry trends and fashion.

Rebound in 2017, China's economic recovery of better quality, toys and infant child products industry in our country actively integrated into the national action, supply side with the doctrine of structural reforms, such as consumer goods quality revolution and the area along the major strategy, at the same time, comprehensive two child policy be born for more than a year, the national birth population growth significantly, new generation parenting family also gradually become the main consumption, toys and usher in a new round of the infant child products sell market just need dividends and industry progresses day by day.

Exports of toys and children's goods are leading the way. China's toy exports in January and August were us $26.393 billion, up 37.06 percent year on year. Among them, One Belt And One Road country exports $49.62 billion, an increase of 45.94% year on year. 1 - August, our country infant child supplies mainly exports was $17.717 billion, up 5.71% from a year earlier, safety seats, cribs, baby carrier, feeding supplies, etc all have rise not fall, it is in recent years, the infant child supplies one of the few good export situation.

China's domestic market data is also significant, with imports of Chinese toys (large-caliber) imports of $719 million in the first eight months of this year, a year-on-year increase of 33.88%. In January and August, the import amount of China's main baby products was $468 million, up 9.35% year on year. According to association of Chinese toys and infant child products this year, GfK China jointly issued the China toys and infant child products market survey data show that in 2017 China's toys, baby stroller, car seat, baby bottle market scale will reach 60.7 billion yuan (60 billion yuan) respectively, 12.3 billion yuan, 6.14 billion yuan, 5.1 billion yuan, the growth rate of 9.2%, 15%, 9.2% and 15% respectively.

With the improvement of living standards, consumers are more diverse and more willing to try new functions to improve the quality of child-rearing life. Products on display at the exhibition site this year, the brand enterprise in the aspect of function innovation unusually prominent, especially the characteristics of function integration, a multi-purpose content is more significant, spare no effort to meet the demand of all kinds of parenting pain points.

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