Madrid trademark apply new high

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According to the world intellectual property organization international bureau released the latest data, the Madrid international registration of trademarks in 2016 Chinese applicants to apply for as many as 3014, year-on-year growth of 29.8%, ranking fifth in the Madrid union state.

Brand internationalization is one of the important sign to measure a country's economic globalization, since the Chinese government in 1989 to join the Madrid system, Chinese applicants for a long time in Madrid international trademark submitted quantity of alliance of the top 10. Madrid registration, China enterprise brand to the convenience of overseas channels.

It is understood that the Madrid system for the trademark registrant provides a multiple state an effective way to obtain and maintain a trademark protection, trademark all people use a language, one application, a currency, a pay cost, can obtain trademark protection in 85 countries.

Officials said: "for the registered trademark is the first step in entering the global market. In international trade, if it is a independent export, trademarks must be registered in the exporter, otherwise only in JiaYiChang tiepai processing way for others." Enterprise brand if it is registered, means that the enterprise loses the country or area of the market.

It is worth noting that the previous approaches of domestic enterprises to apply for overseas trademarks registered from Madrid, with the rapid rise of the cross-border electricity industry, the last two years, the number of domestic enterprises directly apply for registration of a single national trademark has increased dramatically. Only domestic leading beauty gulls net a single country registration agency, the agent of the United States in 2016 trademark registration number is 1638, 1/300 of the amount of the total submission to the United States trademark office or above, more than a single country registered already and Madrid form go hand in hand.

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