B2B More than 70% in cross-border business

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Cross-border e-commerce has been occupies an important position in the China import and export trade, according to the analysis in the next five years, the cross-border e-commerce will become one of the main mode of foreign trade. Among them, the B2B already account for more than seventy percent of cross-border e-commerce import and export. Recently, the ministry of commerce released on a press meeting related cross-border e-commerce data, and certainly cross-border electricity pilot work of the positive results in 2016.

In 2016, the ministry of commerce spokesman said Sun Jiwen, cross-border e-commerce scale rapid growth, the first 11 months, hangzhou cross-border electricity export 35.45 billion RMB, increased 1.9 times, accounts for 12.7% of the total exports, made great contribution for the local foreign trade positive of stabilising.

He points out that the development of cross-border e-commerce to promote the transformation and upgrading of industrial concentration and, at the same time, also promote the B2B model become bigger and stronger, B2B now account for more than seventy percent of cross-border electricity business import and export. Zhengzhou driving the development of surrounding areas characteristic industrial clusters, promote the development of industrial cluster, such as clothing, furniture, means of exports. Dalian to promote the northeast old industrial base of more than 2000 small micro enterprise "net" in the home.

In addition, cross-border electricity heald try the launch for the masses entrepreneurship, innovation provides a new important channel, at the same time to form a group of replicable promotion experience. Try hangzhou heddle area directly and indirectly driven more than 100000 people, local employment; Try each heddle area in B2B business regulatory process, cross-border electricity data standards, B2B credit guarantee business aspects of bold innovation, a large number of new experience good practices are forming.

Sun Jiwen said the next, from the customs supervision, inspection and quarantine, "single window" fiscal and tax, finance, warehousing logistics, pay tailored support measures. Try each heddle area put forward 593 article list of innovation policy, it has implemented 334, LaShiLv reached 56%.

In 2015, hangzhou became the first cross-border e-commerce comprehensive experimental zone, at the beginning of 2016, guangzhou, shenzhen, tianjin, Shanghai, chongqing, dalian, etc 12 city new cross-border electricity heald test area, copy promotion of hangzhou "six big system, two big platform" the experience of practice.

Sun Jiwen said, try each heddle area location trying to explore innovative, hangzhou on the basis of two platforms of "six system", further build hangzhou model, in terms of brand cultivation, B2B standards continue to explore innovation; 12 new set of test area in full copy of hangzhou experience at the same time, adjust measures to local conditions, is a main direction with B2B, a necessary support measures, to strengthen and improve public services, and actively cultivate the market main body.

Cross-border electricity pilot work performance evaluation by the ministry of commerce made hard-won, and said, the next step will continue to cross-border e-commerce jointly with relevant departments to accelerate the construction of comprehensive experimental zone, attract more medium enterprise agglomeration development, promote the entrepreneurship and innovation, provide effective help for the foreign trade transformation and upgrading.

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