2017, Yimon with You !

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Happy New Year!

In 2016, for Yimon, is destined to be extraordinary one year. Dedicated to clothings, shoes, baby stroller, mom & kids products supplies one-stop cross-border e-commerce platform, we are coming!

This year, although we have made some achievements, but the canonical operation way has only just begun. The rapid development of Yimon, inseparable from the support of numerous clients. Choose Yimon, is your trust to us, is that we move forward the direction and motivation.

In the next year, we will continue to improve the supply channel, brand promotion work. New e-commerce platform is launched, the company used the Internet out of the first step to expand overseas. From "for the health of the baby, let mom assured" vision, there is still a long way to go. So, in the next time, we want to control the quality of the products and procurement channels, to provide customers with satisfactory products.

Spanning from 2016 to 2017, for Yimon and every partners, not speaking out of turn. Looking forward to the future, we feel a great responsibility. As a professional clothing, shoes, baby stroller, Mom & kids products supplier, we don't forget our begin minds, with better product and excellent service, return customers, and social returns.

At the time of pass, we want to thank you. Thanks for every partner and guys, thanks for your surprise and miracle, thank you all the best of youth to Yimon... Thank you of each persistence and efforts in Yimon, let Yimon become better every day!

In the New Year, we hope to send blessings. Blessing of trials and hardships of every family with Yimon, blessing all the way to witness the growth of each and every partner, bless care about love, of every one is predestined friends the human... Hope you with Yimon every day, all is the best day!

Not forget for a moment, there will be a result; Don't forget to beginner's mind, the party must always. Another year New Year's day, wish all guys a happy New Year, everything goes well!

2017, love & you, Yimon set sail!

Wuhan Yimon E-Commerce Co., Ltd

On January 1st, 2017

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